Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cabbage Patch Jesus

Something tells me Jesus would not be pleased.

I would make some funny, sarcastic comment if the product description at the website, Beulah Enterprises, weren't totally serious and somewhat creepy in its own right. I think these people are confusing Cabbage Patch Jesus with Christ Jesus:

"The Jesus Doll (25" high) was created to be a visual reminder of Jesus' constant presence with adults and children at all levels of faith. It has many uses in Christian ministry. The Jesus Doll serves as a reminder of God's love for people who are separated from their communities of faith due to illness, distance, or institutionalization.

It is an interactive figure for children and adults alike. It conveys love, compassion and security. It is incredibly huggable . . . it gives and takes loving, meaningful hugs whenever they are needed."

Ah, what the heck, I'm still going to give some sardonic commentary. It gives and takes hugs. Is the doll possessed? The site says one church they know of picks a family each week and lets the kids have the doll for a week. They give them a journal to record their "week with Jesus". That's kind of weird. The parents probably just do it for a week of peace. There's no way those kids are going to act up with Jesus in the house.

Mom: Okay, who broke the lamp?
Kids: (in unison) It wasn't me!
Mom: (pointing to doll) Remember, Jesus is watching you...literally. He's right over there, on the couch.

If you need a doll to remind you of God's love, maybe it's time to dust off your Bible.

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Bethany said...

It's a good thing we Christians don't have to follow the Old Testament law anymore. Otherwise this might look to some people like an idol! (Ex 20:4)
If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. This type of stuff makes me sick.