Thursday, October 05, 2006

Colorful, Brushable Kitsch

Does anybody remember "My Little Pony"? They were the dream toy of every seven year old girl back in the eighties and early nineties. Maybe, they still are, who knows? I don't watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore.

Apparently, it seems God is in the children's toy business as well, and not just yarn-haired dolls either. Introducing "Praise Ponies"!

Once again, another prime example of Christians badly copying the world. I guess it's not as important when you're talking about kids' toys, but come on. I can almost understand Christian t-shirts and stuff when a lot of the good t-shirt companies create innuendo at best and vulgarity at worst. But toys? What is so bad and worldly about buying regular toys for your kids?

Maybe when your little girl outgrows these she can use it for an evangelism tool. She could hand them out like a tract. FAITH! HOPE! JOY! Almost as bad as those big green "JESUS" signs along the highway. Are we that bad?

1 comment:

shy and mighty said...

I think these little hellions could thrash those mincing little pastel twits any day. Plus, you know, they're more scripturally correct. Tim LaHaye would totally approve. ^_^