Thursday, October 19, 2006

Let's Scare the Hell Out of 'Em!

We all know how bad Christians are at making movies; "Left Behind" is a testament to that.

Well, I actually found one that isn't about the end times:

That's right! "Snake" Plissken is back, and this time he won't just fight for his life! He'll fight for his soul! Don't miss the heart pounding, high octane evangelistic action in "Escape...FROM HELL!"

Well, that's what the back should say, anyway. In case you can't read it, here's what it actually says:

"Dr. Eric Robinson wants to believe and experience that infinite love and warmth that near death testimonies claim is on the other side of life. His colleague, Dr. Marissa Holloway, is on a crusade to alleviate the fear of death and suffering by proving to the world that heaven awaits everyone. In a moment of desperation, Dr. Robinson faces death and discovers the reality of hell -a place the Bible vividly portrays- a hell from which we must all escape."

Here's an excerpt from the site I found it on:

"Escape from Hell
is an evangelistic movie that challenges viewers to confront their inevitable death and judgment. This action packed drama with spectacular special effects, gives us glimpses of what hell and heaven might be like in the here after. It is a wonderful discussion starter to share Christ with unsaved family and friends."

As an exegetical, fairly fundamental Christian, I believe in Hell. Jesus talked about it, but it wasn't the core of His ministry. When Jesus talked about Hell it was usually in connection to something else, such as cutting ourselves off from temptation, or the snares of wealth.

I've walked this road before. I made my first profession of faith because I was scared of Hell, but it wasn't real salvation. It was what some would call "fire insurance", and it faded quickly. That kind of profession does not last. It's the work of the Spirit and conviction of our sin that brings us to true faith in Christ, not terror.

Can I get an Amen?!


Gregory said...

I just noticed that on the back of the case, one of the features of the DVD are Gospel presentations by Jerry Falwell and John Hagee.

I don't know about you, but this movie just earned a lot of respect in my book. /sarcasm

I'm the first commenter on my own post. Does my narcissism know no bounds?

Joel Bezaire said...

In my observations, movies like this make people take hell LESS seriously, not more.

Notice the back of the DVD says "Digitally Remastered for better picture and sound" old was this movie?!?! Did the technology not exist when it was first made and released to theaters? Has the medium changed that much in 4 months?

Gregory said...

Joel, honestly, I think you're giving this movie too much credit. Theaters, you say? I doubt it. It came out in 2000 I think, so it was probably released on VHS first.

Allen said...

Um, I can't help but notice that, whether convincing or not, this film is inherently a work of fiction! They're not even trying to claim that this is "based on true events" or anything, are they?
This is just one more cheap horror flick that might spook me a bit, but I'll write it off as a piece of fiction just like any other horror movie I've ever seen. There's no lasting impression. I suppose tha's why we need Falwell & Hagee on there: to "seal the deal."
As a fellow "fairly-fundy" (maybe we can make that into a widely-used label!), I too believe in Hell, but I agree with Joel. This somehow makes it less-real & less-serious.
Gregory, thanks for pointing out that the fear of Hell is no lasting basis for a Christian life. That's the old covenant, not the new one. (Heb 12:18ff)
"The Hell from which we must all escape." Because we're there now? Badly-written from a theological standpoint, isn't it?
And any movie recommended by Jack VanImpe is sure give me heartburn.

Gregory said...

You're right, the movie makers do not claim that it is true or based on true events. However, the synopsis says it is a portrayal of what "heaven and hell might be like in the here after."

I have a problem with this, in that, as far as I believe, Heaven and Hell are spiritual places. They are outside of our experience, as we live in a physical universe. No picture we can paint will even be remotely similar to what Heaven or Hell will be like. Why then do we continue to try?