Sunday, October 08, 2006

Seek and Ye Shall Find

It took me a while to find this gem.

...unless you're a Mormon; or a clever shark. Only the old people will get that, probably.


Jane said...

Not to mention, unless the people who live there aren't home.

Or maybe it's like those Halloween things, where the door swings open automatically the minute you touch the knocker.

Gregory said...

I would love to have something like that when Mormons come to the door.

The door swings open. A deep, ominous voice groans, "Please...come in. Muwahahahahahaha!"

Not that I don't like Mormons. It's just fun messing with door to door people.

John Thomas said...

How young are those that don't 'get' a well played Land Shark reference?

Gregory said...

I doubt even most of the twenty-somethings in my church would get that joke. Why can't SNL be as good as it was back then?