Friday, November 17, 2006

Double Feature

What is it about jokes about women liking chocolate?

According to this first picture, prayer and chocolate are on about equal grounds. Yes, those two great gifts of God: communion with Him through prayer, and the cacao plant. On a less bothersome note, except perhaps to myself and Miss Kitty, apparently God is no longer a proper noun.

I feel sorry for this woman, not to mention her family. Apparently, she's twice as thankful for chocolate as she is for her spouse or children. Finally, when her gluttony has gotten the best of her, she will blame God for His "blessing".

I know these things are supposed to be cute, but I can't help but find them annoying. I have no idea why these are in a Christian bookstore. Apparently, mentioning the words God, prayer, or blessing makes something Christian. Am I alone here?


Anita said...

I don't drink coffee, which is why I always buy mugs that say:
"Nothing in here, move along". Very difficult to find mind you, but hey, I do my best.

Anita said...

Hmmm ... strange, never saw this new Google interface. Didn't it used to allow us to put our name, email, website?

Oh well, just saying hi from Say No to Crack, my blog that offers silly humor for all ages.

You've got a great site BTW!

Gregory said...

Thank you!

Allen said...

I tried inserting my favorite vice, coffee, into the slogans in place of chocolate. Yeah, it does seem to fail to give God his proper glory! Thanks especially for pointing out the lower case "g," too. That sort of thing has always irked me. Needless to say, the poetry of e.e. cummings and amy what's-her-name (religious poet, aways put's "I" in lowercase) drives me cuckoo! (Okay, "more cuckoo")
The second mug isn't so much sacreligious as it is short-sighted and annoying. Of all the blessings and good things in life, even salvation takes a back seat to chocolate!

Diesel said...

Some sins are less frowned upon than others.

I bet they'd get more flack for:

"God sends no stress that prayer and a blowjob can't fix."

Gregory said...

Rob, I'm not one to moderate comments, especially not from you. So I won't. But that might be a little too explicit for this site.

Maybe "that prayer and sex can't handle" might be better.

Joel Bezaire said...

Diesel....heh heh heh.....

I used to work at a Hallmark store (don't ask) and we sold all that "Women vs. Chocolate" crapola. SO glad to see it has "crossed the aisle" to the Christian market.

Diesel said...

Greg - I'll be good. You can edit/delete it if you want.

Miss Kitty said...

These comments are killing me! Thanks for the laughs.

The whole "women vs. chocolate" thing is so 1980s. I'm sorry to see it's still being used anywhere in the 21st century. Bleh.

Besides--who gives a crap about chocolate when you can have fat and salt? French fries, anyone?