Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Reinforcement of Purpose

Recently, I went to a wedding in a magical, far away land called Wisconsin. I got to see a lot of old friends I haven't seen in a couple years. They are a group that always inspires me, because they are cool, they are creative, and they are all the most Christ-centered people I've ever known.

On the way back, I lamented to my wife about how I didn't think I was doing the things God wanted me to do. She brought up Kinda Kitschy, and asked me why I did it. So, like any coward, I copped out and asked her why she thought I did it. She said she thought I had started doing it to make people laugh, which while assuredly a laudable goal, is not Christ-centered, and if there's anyone I want to be focused on, it's Christ. Other-centric thinking will flow from that.

So, as a reminder, to get back on course so to speak, here are my reasons for Kinda Kitschy. Why do I do what I do here?

1. Because I feel that the rate at which the Christian faith is being commercialized and merchandised is dangerous, and non-Biblical.

2. Because most of the merchandise we produce are second-rate copies of secular trends.

3. Because Christ didn't command us to go into all nations and make kitsch. He wanted us to go into all nations and form relationships, make disciples. I'm sorry, but I firmly believe that 90% of the time, kitsch will fail at bringing people to Christ.

4. It gives me a kind of outlet for my more cynical thoughts. For less cynical thoughts and writings on Christ, faith, and other non-sequitors, head over to The First Sketch.

5. To make people laugh.

Now, to be honest, that's not always my motivation behind what I do here, but it should be, and with the Spirit's help, it will be much more often. For my brothers and sisters who read this who have a relationship with Christ, your prayers for my continued focus on Christ are always appreciated.

Sorry to go all serious on you, but I felt that this really needed to be done. Thank you all for listening, and for your continued readership. You are appreciated.


Diesel said...

I support you 100% in every one of your goals. I know, I'm a brown-noser, but I do.

I'd also like to add one to the list. I think that it does a tremendous amount of good when Christians can demonstrate that they are smart, critical thinkers who have a sense of humor, especially about themselves. My absolute favorite comments that I get on my blog are when people say things like, "Didn't you say you were the treasurer at your church? I didn't know anybody who went to church could write like that." Nobody wants to join a cult of same-thinking dullards. Well, some people do, but generally they aren't the ones you really want to reach.

I've been thinking lately about something that I call "millstone Christianity," which is the thinking that says that we must alway err on the side of being inoffensive and innocuous, rather than risk anyone taking something we say or do the wrong way. I think we need to balance the threat of the millstone around our necks with the warning not to waste our talents. Sometimes I may err on the side of being too sarcastic or not taking serious matters seriously enough, and that's a real danger, but it's not the only danger. There's also the danger that I won't fully exercise the abilities God has given me -- such as the ability to write, the ability to see the absurd all around me, and the ability to make people laugh.

As long as people think "Pat Robertson" or "Jerry Falwell" when they hear the word "Christian", there is a need for people like you. Keep up the good work.

Gregory said...

Thanks, buddy.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

If you don't mind a non-believer chiming in, I just wanted to say that I think your blog does a great job demonstrating that a spiritual sensibility and esthetic standards as well as a sense of humor are not mutually exclusive...the same goes for Diesel.

Miss Kitty said...

As long as people think "Pat Robertson" or "Jerry Falwell" when they hear the word "Christian", there is a need for people like you.

Oh so true. And humor is sometimes the fastest way to winning people over.

Keep it up, Greg! Thanks for the laughs.

Big Ear Creations said...

Actually very good to know that there are other's with this calling too!

It's built within me to see crap and say it...

Trick is always to do it with Blessing and know that people who care about this sometimes do it with a good heart (how sad is that)

But I'm down... i'm in... i'm there...

Testimints are still my favorite... Both uplifting and refreshing