Thursday, January 25, 2007

History in the Making

Wow, guys, this is huge. I mean, really big. I come before you today to announce an unprecedented development in the world of blogdom.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I like Kinda Kitschy a lot. I wish I knew of one convenient site where I could find links to other hilarious sites like Kinda Kitschy"?

Yeah, probably not. But for some reason, my blog is now included on a site collecting snippets from the universe's funniest blogs. That's right, the funniest blogs in the universe. I now have the distinct honor of sharing a singular webspace with the following hilarious people:

Joel from Crummy Church Signs

That One Guy from The Drive-By Blogger


Diesel from Mattress Police, who bestowed this distinct honor upon me.

Our funniest posts will now be collected for your previewing pleasure at Humor! Head on over and find out why all those other guys are funnier than I am.


Joel Bezaire said...

We're not ALL funnier than you, Gregory.

Just me 'n Diesel.


Speaking of that, are you in for a "guest review" spot in February?

Diesel said...

And the Drive-By Blogger. But at least you're in the top 4. In the whole UNIVERSE.

Allen said...

Congrats, Gregory! I'm not even the funniest person on my own blog!

Diesel said...

Post some new stuff, slacker!

Diesel said...


Joel Bezaire said...

Fo real, dog.

Say No to Crack said...

Nice work Gregory ... you definitely deserve it!

Miss Kitty said...

You must be busy with school, Greg. I'll look out for more kitsch this weekend and send any pix your way ASAP.