Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A One Trick Pony

I would like to take a moment to announce the release of a brand new blog on my part. It is my undertaking of Project 365, which asks you to take a photo every day for one year. Some people are taking photos of things that remind them of that particular day, some are taking pictures of themselves. I'm going to try and blend those concepts and take pictures of memorable objects or visuals from that day and throw myself into the as many pictures as possible. Take a look; I could use your support.

Project 365: My Daily Visual

Additionally, some of you may not be aware that I actually had a blog before this one, more beloved though it may be. Just yesterday it was still called "The First Sketch", however, considering my renewed efforts to keep up with it, I have changed the name and the layout. It contains some of my more serious, faithful thoughts on Christ, faith in general, love, among other things. I need it sometimes, to balance out the cynicism I let flow here. Anyway, now the blog is called:

The Know It All's Guide to Humility

So check them both out. I would love for you all to become regular readers all around.


Joel Bezaire said...

The new blog title is great.

Same quality content, new title and look.

Looking forward to your photos also!

Happy '07.

Gregory said...

Thanks Joel.

Diesel said...

I'm there, dude. Also, I like the layout of the know-it-all site. Very clean. I'm getting old and all these dark backgrounds are hard on my eyes.