Sunday, January 07, 2007

We Have A Winner!

As some of you may remember, or actually, probably don't remember, there was a rather fabulous contest here at Kinda Kitschy over the holiday. All you had to do to be a contestant was send in a picture of some crummy Christmas gift you received this season. Unfortunately, the response was rather lackluster, or, more appropriately, non-existent.

There was, however, one contestant, and a fairly famous one in my little cyber circle. That's right! The Ironic Catholic from her self-named blog, The Ironic Catholic, sent us a picture of a gift that was given to her son. Want to know the best part? Not only was it a crummy gift, but it was kitsch too! Take a look:

Samson, Delilah, and guards.

Noah's wife and daughters-in-law.

Okay, so the first thing I'm wondering is why Samson has no arms; I'm guessing that's why he is screaming like that. Secondly, I'm going to have to give props to Noah's son for possibly being part of the first interracial couple in history (see second girl from left).

Anyway, for her participation in the aforementioned contest she is the winner by default. She will be receiving an Amazon gift certificate worth an undisclosed amount. I'll bet you all wish you'd sent those pictures now, huh? Congratulations, IC! You deserve it!


Miss Kitty said...

Sheesh, those are awful. IC, my sincerest sympathies to you and your son for having to receive this awful gift. I can certainly see why it was marked down to $2.99...oh, wait, isn't it tacky to leave the price sticker on? Double your tacky, double your fun.

Allen said...

Obviously, when Sampson went out to fight the Philistines, he did so as an unarmed man. Or perhaps, when they caught him sans hair, they disarmed him.
I'm still wondering why we want to capture this precise moment in his life, though. It's like one of those wax museums that record the lowest point in the historic figure's life, or their worst crimes.
Props to the makers of these toys for trying to appeal to the "grrl" market as well. Mrs Noah, Mrs. Shem, Mrs. Ham, & Mrs Japheth! See how they are oppressed by their husbands! Why, they don't even get names of their own!

Diesel said...

LOL, Gregory, Miss Kitty, and Allen. Unarmed indeed. I couldn't see whether his eyes had been gouged out as well, so it's hard to pinpoint the time period.

The lamest thing I got was a deep fryer (always a thoughtful gift for someone with high blood pressure). My wife got a coffee cup the size of her head, but neither of those could touch this stuff.

The Ironic Catholic said...

My cup is now full. :-) Thanks.

My daughter's comment (politely and later): "Those are just too scary." She's already having nightmares about hell, so getting her to play with figurines about genocide and women with ships probably isn't the right way to go here.

p.s. trust me, I'm not famous.

Joel Bezaire said...

My All-Star Biblical Action Figure Female Four-Pack:

Hagar, Sapphira, Gomer, and Bathsheba.

Fun for ALL the kiddos!