Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Best Part of Waking Up

This is the first product in Starbucks' new Christian coffee campaign, "Nearer My God To Thee", which is also the new name of their strongest morning blend. Baristas are affectionately referring to the tumbler as "The Holy Grail". The bold marketing move was in response to the Vatican's recent designation of an eighth deadly sin: Weak Coffee. Here is an excerpt from "The Ironic Catholic":

"In a related note, Starbucks announced it was renaming its strongest morning blend "Nearer My God To Thee," and was planning an ad campaign through Catholic Church bulletins: "Coffee that wakes you up and prevents damnation." '

See the whole article here: New Deadly Sin Added By The International Theological Commission


The Ironic Catholic said...

Coffee isn't kitsch--it is a virtuous habit. :)

Free trade o' course--

The Ironic Catholic said...

The tumbler, however, is classic kitsch. Sigh.

Joel Bezaire said...

"My God shall supply all of your needs, according to the glorious aritificial stimulant that is found in coffee"

Allen said...

As a self-proclaimed caffeine-based lifeform, I agree that weak coffee ought to be a deadly sin, but what does the text on that mug have to do with beverages in general?
My God shall supply all your needs, including your $5 cup of coffee?
The "living water" glasses were awful, but at least they went with the theme of the item they were printed on!
I'm grumpy. I need more coffee.

Gregory said...

I'm not actually a real big coffee drinker...but MMM, MMM espresso.

Diesel said...

I would suggest that somebody needs to come up with a Christian version of those energy drinks like Rock Star or Red Bull -- maybe "JC Superstar" or "White Lamb: It gives you wings...and a halo!", but I'm scared that somebody might take me seriously. Or worse, that somebody has probably already done it.

Allen said...

There was a "Christian" sports drink for a brief moment or two. "Rev-Up," it was called. A large percentage of the proceeds went to mission work. I think they collapsed within a year's time.

We could market "Wait on the Lord" energy drink. "It renews your strength!" "It let's you run and not be weary!"
Perhaps "Samson's 'Fro": "Bring da' house down wit' Samson's 'Fro!"
OR maybe piggyback on the resurrection with "Day-3" ("Day III"?) Obviously, the tagline would be something like "Day-3: You'll come back to life!" We could get the band "Third Day" to help us market it!

Gregory said...

After reading my own blog, again, for the seventh time, I realized that I made a noun possessive rather than plural. This is probably why Miss Kitty hasn't commented on this post.

My apologies, Miss Kitty.