Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Greatest of These

I found some lovely wooden wall plaques espousing Christian virtues. Although, on second inspection, they might be a little vague.

...in whom?

...for what?


...to whom?

Apparently, anything or anyone will do!


Allen said...

Just like my favorite song from "Prince of Egypt": "There can be miracles if you believe..."

Gregory said...

Yourself, Allen! Don't you know that's the magic formula?!

John Thomas said...

Like most Christian products, these only have meaning to OTHER Christians. There is absolutely no 'sharing the gospel' in these scraps of wood. Since when are we called to live in a Christian Ghetto?

Joel Bezaire said...

I've always wanted to have something like that posted in my house, but with a completely random word posted below:


...or something. I think that would be great.

Gregory said...

Joel, you have a very random sense of humor, you know that?

Allen said...

I think they'd be more spiritual if they were in Greek or Hebrew.

Gregory said...

Well, they'd certainly be less kitschy, anyway. I have the Greek words "charis" and "eirene", Greek for grace and peace respectively, tatooed on my arms. I guarantee they get more comments than if I just had "grace" and "peace" tatoos.