Friday, October 20, 2006

This Year's Hot Item

Here's yet another example of Christians copying popular secular fads.

Bible Verse Babies!

This is Hope the Manatee! You can see all the Bible Verse Babies here! There are other virtue heralding animals such as Courage the Camel, Mercy the Monkey, and Freedom the...Blue Jay?

As for Jim Gaffigan's take on manatees, direct your browser here.


Allen said...

"Each tag contains a born-again date..." Ugh!

"Darwin's Namesake, our brown dog, reminds us that even Darwin, the originator of the evolutionary theory, later in his life actually accepted Jesus as his Savior!" Really? I was not aware of that. Voyage of the Beagle is pretty God-oriented already.

Joel Bezaire said...

"Overcome the Ostrich" sounds more like one of those physical challenges on those stupid MTV reality game shows (The Gauntlet, or what have you).

Jane said...

They could have done a better job choosing the animals. "Armor the Armadillo" would be much better. A lot of them are alliterated, which is catchy, but some odd ones aren't (like the bluejay) and some of the ones that are are weird--Grateful the Goldfish? What does a goldfish have to be grateful about? Based on my experience, it's likely to die in two weeks and be flushed down the toilet. Great.

Grateful the Goldfish would be a good name for a band, though, and Rescue Raccoon sounds like Ranger Rick's superhero alter-ego.

Tim said...

That manatee looks suspiciously like Barbara Manatee from the Veggie Tales Silly Song, Endangered Love.

Well, it's good to see Barbara is working agian, even if she had to take a stage name.