Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dad's Christmas Nightmare

Who first thought to themselves, "Hey! I've got a fashion breakthrough! Let's take a long piece of pointed material, put big tacky pictures on it, and tie it around somebody's neck!"?

To be honest, it seems that there are enough tacky ties in the world to make a whole blog devoted to cataloguing and snarking them. But I'm only interested in the Christian spectrum of horrible ties.

Actually, from what I said above, one might assume that I'm against all ties, but I'm not. I just hate the ones with big tacky pictures on them, especially pictures of Jesus. I think this one is especially stupid, with baby Jesus hanging out down near your fly.

I was thinking about the idea of Christian apparel in general, and I wondered if Jews thought that putting the Ark of the Covenant on a t-shirt made them a better Jew, or if Muslims thought that that putting the Dome of the Rock on a necktie made them a better Muslim.

I doubt it.


Sean Carter said...

do agree with you. wearing a wierd tie is bad but seeing someone else wearing it is equally embarassing, but ofcourse neck ties are really a great gift, dont you think so? in case you are looking for some unique gift ideas, you can check out this amazing Christmas Blog
have a wonderful christmas

Miss Kitty said...

I had the same weird thought about putting a pic of the napping Baby Jesus near one's fly. That's a serious no-go.