Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tizzle-Shirt Tuesday!

Happy Tee to the Izzle Shirt Tuesday, folks! It's good to be back!

Spirit? No, thanks. I much prefer the crisp, refreshing orangey taste of:

Or, if I'm looking for a real good time:

I could make some cheesy quip about a 3-for-1 deal for the Trinity...but I won't, because I'm above that. Not to mention that I'd probably end up on Joel's blog, despite not even being a marquee.


Joel Bezaire said...

I think that last one (the billboard) was a joke somebody did to make fun of stuff like the first two shirts.

Those shirts are terrible.

Gregory said...

Probably. Actually the first time I saw that billboard on the 'net, I laughed for about five minutes.

Claire said...

If you're looking for some Advent kitsch, check out the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities: http://www.goingjesus.com/cavalcade.shtml

The sarcastic comments practically write themselves.

John said...

What's next, old Pringles commercials?

"I've got the fever for the flavor of a Savior"?

sipmac said...

This is outrageous! Shame on Anheuser-Busch!

CMinor said...

Dropping in from the Ironic Catholic's --That has got to be a joke--"King of Beers" is an Anheuser-Bush trademark and I can't see them taking such a risk. They might just find themselves facing a massive boycott by Christian customers. Also, while the beer can may be identifiable on the original, I can't make out what it says in this picture. It doesn't quite look like Bud to me (and if it isn't, there's a trademark issue.)

Gregory said...

Guys, this was meant to be a humorous post. Try not to take it too seriously. The post was really about the t-shirts, not the billboard.

I actually thought the billboard was rather funny.

Say No to Crack said...

I love the "Spirit" t-shirt ... I seem to think I saw a teen walking around with that at church (or something similar)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Sorry, Gregory. Probably jusy because I said it was a sign of the apocalypse...

It is odd though. Looks like it is lifted from a local news show (bottom right), yet if someone is doing it as a joke (it is kinda funny), that's one expensive joke, to design and but billboard space!

Then again, some people have money to burn. I just poke fun for free. ;)

The Ironic Catholic said...

--buy, not "but" billboard space. Ug.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hey Gregory--check this piece out--

John said...

I just remembered something that the shirts reminded me of. While helping a friend drive from Albany to KC, we stop in a NY rest stop.

Kid comes in with a t-shirt that had a drawing of a cartoon figure laughing hysterically, and the words:

God can't do WHAT?

The kid was, were I to be nice, 300 lbs, 5'8, and no muscle anywhere.

So as we walk past him and on our way out, I lean down to my friend, (she's 5'2" i'm 6'2")

"Evidently, God can't keep you off the Ho-Ho's"

"You BASTARD, now I have coffee in my nose"

that was about a year ago. To this day, all I have to do is say that line again, and she busts up.

Unintentional irony is the best.

CMinor said...

I dunno, IC, I think billboard rental is going cheap these days--certainly around my stomping grounds where folks rent them out to embarass their loved ones on birthdays & anniversaries. Somebody might have done it as a joke.

It wouldn't be one of those sign generator thingies, would it?

Re the t-shirts: I was having Sunday lunch with the family at a local restaurant some months ago when a large contingent from a Baptist youth group arrived. All the kids were wearing matching t-shirts with "iGod" printed in white on the front. It took immense self-restraint not to walk up to one of them and say, "No, you're not!"

CMinor said...

BTW, I loved the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities, Claire!

CMinor said...

Found a story on it at this site:
Apparently it was a sophisticated work of grafitti, done in Houston. Perpetrators unknown.