Thursday, March 08, 2007

It Hurt Her Worse, Apparently

Finished my last mid-term today. Aced it, as usual. *snap*

Remember that stick (or in my case, coat hanger) that your mother used to keep on top of the refrigerator? I know you do. Don't mind that chill in your spine, it's just a memory.

We all love our home and our mothers, but when she pulled that thing down you might as well have been living in the Tower of London, am I right?

Now some clever Christian has found a devious way to hide that device of holy retribution in plain sight. Now that baby may look like a harmless piece of kitsch, but guaranteed, that is Grade-A, Scripture imprinted butt-whoopin' material, no doubt.

And trust me: it will hurt you worse than it hurts her, every time.

My mother used to beat me about the head with a rusty


FIAR said...

it will hurt you worse than it hurts her, every time.

I assume, then, that she is the one using it on me?

Gregory said...

At least, that's the way it is in my memory.

Miss Kitty said...

Egads! Memories of my grandmother's favorite paddle, a stick of kindling, suddenly came rushing back to me.

And wasn't it awful when your mom/grandma told you to go choose your own switch in the yard? I learned early on not to get a weeny little twig, no sirree.

Gregory said...

My mom never did that to me. That's pretty much to mess with your mind, and to amuse them.

Joel Bezaire said...

My parents used my own toys against me. Hot Wheels Track being the favorite.

Big Ear Creations said...

I had no idea that a scripture paddle when that lovely with plaid!

Diesel said...

Well, at least it's not a ping pong paddle.