Sunday, January 24, 2010

Like A Bad Penny

I just keep turning up. I'm like that guy in that one movie, and this blog is like my love interest that hated me at the beginning but slowly found out I was much more sensitive than my rough demeanor let on.

I won't give up on us! How's that? No?

"You had me at hello?" I must be getting desperate.

Anyway, I wanted to pop by to let each of the two people that still check my blog know that some friends from my church, The Great Adventure, and I have started a new blog. It's just some discussions about our faith and various thoughts on different subjects, positive and negative. It's called Maniacal Faith and I'd love for you to come and check it out.

As for Kinda Kitschy, I'm still planning on updating regularly. It was easier back when I had a lot of readers, but maybe we'll get there again.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Dude, you post regularly, and I'll pitch your blog--for what it is worth! Good to hear from ya.

Kilgore said...

IC: Yeah, for all my want I have such a hard time keeping up with posting. Now that I have another blog that I'm actually involved with people on, I hope that'll spur me on to keep KK up to date.

Thanks for your support, especially with Joel and Diesel no longer around.

草莓 said...
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