Tuesday, December 05, 2006

High and Mighty

Is it t-shirt Tuesday already? Jeez! Where does the time go?

Oh, well then, excuse me. I have to go back down with the sinners now, but maybe you and Jesus can stop by later and we can all bow down to you.

And what is this shirt saying about God? Didn't pride cause the fall of Lucifer? Hmm. I wonder where he got it?

Saying this might destroy the space-time continuum or something, but I actually found a site with some Christian tees that are actually fairly cool and modern. It's called C28 Christian Clothing. Have a look.


RC said...

i love c28 shirts because not only are they cool, but their also higher quality then many other kitschy Christian clothing.

c28 is about having an identity for Christians...not trying to profiter off of Christian culture...I'm glad you like their stuff too :-)

Robin said...

Personally, I'm rather fond of these: http://www.onehorseshy.com/blasphemy/wtfwjd/

Take it with a grain of salt. It speaks to how I feel about Christianized merchandise.

Gregory said...

Although I laugh at those, and I use some colorful language myself, I still squirm a little on the inside associating Jesus with the f-bomb.

Just me, I guess.