Friday, December 01, 2006

Mint Condition

Actually, I have got Jesus. I found him in a quarter-piece box at a garage sale down the street.

I also have all twelve Apostles, and the Golgotha Action Playset.


Allen said...

Of course, the famous "got milk?" slogan was helped along by ads of celebrities with "milk mustaches."
What would be the equivalent for "got Jesus?"?

Diesel said...

Allen - I shudder to think. There is something a little bit wrong with that brain, isn't there?

Greg - I'm going to clean up the edges of that graphic.

Joel Bezaire said...

Confession time:

I bought this bumper sticker...cut out each letter individually...stuck them to my bass guitar fretboard...and played that bass in concert, numerous times.


Gregory said...

For shame!

For shame!

It's okay Joel. The healing process has to begin sometime.

We all have our little secret kitsch. I used to carry around one of those engraved pewter coins with a Bible verse on it.

I even used to use Chick Tracts... *GASP!*

Robin said...

What's a Chick Tract?

My favorite religious bumper sticker was seen in Myrtle Beach about 17 years ago: "Pardon me, have you met Jesus?"

Gregory said...

Chick Publications at Wikipedia

Allen said...

Diesel, the brain is better when it's blown up--and so is the picture of it. I had too much fun labeling the parts.

Miss Kitty said...

The awfulness is astounding.

I saw this sticker the other day on a pickup here in Small Town, and I almost snapped a pic of it. Then I thought, "That's too corny. No way Greg will ever put it on Kinda Kitschy." Was I ever wrong! :-P

Gregory said...

Nothing is beyond my wrath.

Say No to Crack said...

Sounds like you have quite the collection!

Allen - nice labeling. I think my brain is completely made up of the 'creamy nougat' and 'useless trivia' sections. If you have a good lead on getting some extra 'insightful comments' brain parts, let me know ...

Allen said...

Based on the content of my blog, I'd say I'm hard up as well!
"Insightful comments" only take up that tiny sliver in that tiny fissure there, and the sliver has a teflon, glow-in-the-dark coating, which makes it hard to sleep when I'm being insightful.

Or something like that