Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Lamp of God, that takes away the dimly lit rooms of the world!

I love Jesus Christ, but excuse me if I don't feel like having the living shite scared out of me every time I turn on the light.


Joel Bezaire said...


He's on fire for God...I guess.

Diesel said...

Can you imagine sneaking into someone's bedroom at night with this lamp on an extension cord and a tape player? You could turn on the lamp just as the tape starts to play "WAKE UP, BOB! THE RAPTURE HAS STARTED AND YOU'RE LATE!"

Gregory said...


I thought the Rapture was happening once.

I was doing laundry and started to hear this loud tone. At first I thought it was the Trump of the Lord.

Then I realized it was just the monthly test of the tornado siren

The Ironic Catholic said...

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it."

...till the bulb burns out.

Say No to Crack said...

Did you notice there's a silhouette of the virgin Mary wearing a head scarf in Jesus's forehead? You should buy this exact one and sell it on eBay. If a grilled cheese sandwich with a burn mark that looked like Mary could fetch $30,000, imagine what a big Jesus light could fetch!

(yes, I've been hit by the smiley inflation epidemic, that one was specifically for you Diesel)

Diesel said...

I used that Virgin Mary grilled cheese sammich as my IM icon for a while. And I'm not even Catholic!

Miss Kitty said...

These comments are killing me! LOL!