Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hospitality or Hostility?

Joshua 24:15 - for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

We've had a piece with that piece of Scripture on it before haven't we?

This really is a great verse, and I don't take any issue with it. What I take issue with is plastering it all over everything in your house.

Like this:

My concern is that plastering this on everything you own might be a little overwhelming, especially for guests who aren't Christians. Not that we should be concerned with what the world thinks, but if you, as a guest, saw this on the guest towels, wouldn't you find it a little...I don't know, confrontational?

Why towels in the first place anyway? Why not the tablecloth, or the shower door, or carve it into the floor? Doesn't it all seem a little Pharisaical?

Anyway, I can imagine my host, as hospitable as they may be, just saying, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and if you don't like it, you can just get the hell out!! That's right! Just get the hell out, you heathen! You're going to hell, so get out, you sinner!"

At this point, they chase me out the door while the dog nips at my heels and the children fling their tiny shoes at me.


Sorry, John. This blog's been outsourced to There's a box on your desk. Please be out by five, or we'll have your things removed.


Miss Kitty said...

"Pharisaical"--thank you, Greg! I was looking for a word that describes this strange behavior. I'd much rather people show that they're Christians in the way they live their lives/treat other people. A fish on the car or a saying on the guest-bath towels doesn't really cut it.

Diesel said...

That's why I have another set of towels that says "The rest of you can go to hell."