Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Same Old, Same Old

So the move is finished. I am now a resident of Dubuque, Iowa. Everything is unpacked (mostly), and now the only task that remains is finding a job. I applied to a few retail places, but I have to put together a resume for some medical supply company. Much prayer is needed. Thank you.

Sorry for the long hiatus with no interim blogger. I planned to have someone take over during the absence, but I got so caught up in everything I was doing that I just never got around to it. I guess that shows where my priorities lie.

But, this Sunday, I went to church again (a great church, I might add), so I figured it was time to dust off Kinda Kitschy and try again. Considering that everything I'm doing now is new, I thought I should stick with something familiar. Somehow, though, it's just as horrifying as the first incarnation we looked at on KK.

How many times have I done posts on crummy Armor of God incarnations? Three times? Five times? Well I guess that makes it four...or six, I can't remember. We Christians excel at our ability to take a metaphor and turn it into something ridiculous. We do it almost as well as potlucks...almost. Here's a pic I snapped at a Christian bookstore back in St. Louis.

It's a Christian version of those crummy ninja/cowboy/knight/pastor costumes we boys wore when we were kids. I wouldn't doubt that somewhere, floating around in that nebulous vacuum of improbability called Christian merchandise there's a girl's version of this, and it's probably pink with flowers and a veil instead of a helmet. Anything to sell a few extra units.

What I really want to point out is the parent-nabbing description on the box, proving, once again, that marketing is all about spin.

It's not a toy, it's a tool!

I should've gone into marketing.

Humor-Blogs.com is all about spin.


CrummyJoel said...

Welcome back, friend. Looks like you haven't lost a step!

I will keep you in thoughts and prayers as you look for a job.

Condolensces on having to live in Iowa, though....tough break.

Allen said...

Welcome back, fellow heretic!
This toy needs, like it's other incarnations, a warning label to the effect that:
"This is not REAL armor. Will not protect against flaming arrows and/or other attacks, physical or Satanic. Not a substitute for truth, righteousness, readiness, faith, salvation, and Scripture! The wearer is advised not to engage the forces of darkness clad only in this cheaply-made, mass-produced toy armor!"

julia said...
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julia said...

Don't they know that suffering produces character (Rom 5:3-4)? But I guess suffering isn't as easily marketed as cheap plastic Crusader Gear. Speaking of which...where are the heathens? We must send our child soldiers to convert them!


ps: Sorry about deleting the original. I didn't know it would stay on record. :)

Diesel said...

Oh, it'll build character all right. Just like when my mom made me go to school wearing Toughskin jeans instead of Levis.

Welcome back. Iowa just go a little bit cooler. And less wholesome.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Welcome Neighbor!

(I live in SE Minnesota...about 30 miles from the Iowa border....)

Miss Kitty said...

I guess things in Iowa (I-O-WAY, as they say it in The Music Man) aren't as kitschy as in Missouri? I'll try toround up some steamin' hot Christian kitsch just for you.

Diesel said...

Hey, Slacker, I don't know how they roll in Iowa, but I'm expecting some new posts, yo.

Miss Kitty said...

We miss you, Greg. Hope all's well in Iowa, with all the corn and cows.

Blessings to you & yours!

Diesel said...

What Miss Kitty said. Hope all is well.