Friday, February 09, 2007


So after all this time of tracking down kitsch, I'm starting to think that there could be an entire blog devoted entirely to incarnations of the Armor of God. Take a look at this piece I found.

A charm bracelets with miniature pieces of armor? I think this is a prototype for an entire line of jewelry products. Phase 2 involves rings for each of Israel's twelve tribes, matching "Spirit & Truth" earrings, and a companion to the above product featuring the ten plagues of Egypt.

Honestly, though, when I saw this, I hurt my brain trying to think of something more lame.

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Miss Kitty said...

If I happened to see anyone wearing this bracelet, I'd probably think they were into medieval duel reenactments...not, "Oh, my! That person's a Christian!"

Allen said...

pictured from left to right: the thimble of truth; corset of righteousness; the silver-plated beaver of eagerness to proclaim the Gospel of Peace; the Black Knight's helmet to extinguish all fiery darts and declare them merely flesh wounds; the other helmet of salvation and cheering for the Trojans; and the sword for the spirits, with which you may extract corks from bottles thereof.

Diesel said...

I was going to try to say something clever, and then I read:

the silver-plated beaver of eagerness to proclaim the Gospel of Peace

and pretty much lost it. I'll be back when I get up off the floor.

Joel Bezaire said...

Gregory, nice work.

Allen, that was SOLID.

I think the 7 churches in Revelation could use their own charm bracelet too.